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Driveway Company in Horsham
Common Damage to Driveways, Patios and Garden Paving

Your patio and driveway stand as major investments. Unfortunately, age and poor weather impact the integrity of the surface, while poor workmanship leads to its own concerns. This is why all homeowners need a landscaping company at some stage or another. With the right level of experience, either in patios, garden paving or driveways, they can restore your environment to its prior condition. C3 Group Services is a driveway company and a talented team of fencing contractors. We improve landscapes across Horsham, whether you need a new driveway, replacement garden fencing or an elegant new patio.

Is It Time to Contact a Driveway Company?

Below, we discuss some of the primary concerns you might have regarding your driveway, patio or garden paving. Please call for a free quote and to learn more about our diverse array of landscaping services.

Water on the Surface – This is a major problem that indicates a drainage issue. Rainwater should never collect on your driveway or patio, so you will need a landscaping company to look at ways of improving the ground conditions. If this occurs during the winter, the water might freeze over and create a tripping hazard for friends and family.

Broken Materials – Any good driveway should be able to withstand high foot traffic and heavy vehicles. That said, a careless bump combined with weather damage can lead to cracks and crumbling blocks. Tarmac might suffer potholes that expand due to refreezing water, and traditional garden paving materials can create an unlevel surface. In either case, our driveway company can assess the damage to your Horsham landscape and suggest the most cost-effective next step based on the budget available.

A Poor Appearance – It isn’t just a patio or driveway that can look bad in the long run. Garden fencing may lose its visual appeal after many years, cracking and splitting or collapsing altogether. Why not ask our fencing contractors to replace your damaged panels or contact us for new trellis, picket or featheredge installation? As a reliable landscaping company, we can tend to any part of your garden, patio or driveway to help keep the environment looking as vibrant as possible.

The Growth of Weeds – It’s not uncommon for cracks to form in your driveway or garden paving, but you shouldn’t see weeds growing through them. This will affect the aesthetic appeal of your surface and allows further damage to occur. A driveway company like C3 Group Services will be able to provide a new installation in Horsham or the nearby areas, protecting against weed growth and water damage alike.

Dirt Between Paving Slabs – If you can see strange piles of earth between the slabs, an ant nest may be to blame. Ants can displace joint and base materials as they see fit because of their large numbers, causing havoc to your patio or driveway. In turn, you can expect moss and weeds to have an easier time finding their way between the paving slabs.

Besides working as a hard and soft landscaping company, we also work as fencing contractors across Horsham and the surrounding areas. Our garden fencing will help to prevent members of the public from accessing your property, increase privacy levels and stand as a visually pleasing boundary for years to come.

To speak with a garden paving and driveway company serving the Horsham area, please call 07754 463 691. We also work as a comprehensive landscaping company.