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Expert Tips for Creating a Contemporary Outdoor Space

Are sleek lines and minimalist designs your thing? Do you love the sophisticated feel of modern materials and landscapes? If so, and you want to enjoy these features in your own garden, C3 Group Services is ready to help. We are a landscaping company and driveway company with more than 15 years of experience helping homeowners enhance their outside spaces. In this guide, our landscaping and fencing contractors offer their top tips for creating a contemporary garden in Crawley, Horley and the surrounding areas.

Whether you’re looking at new garden paving, garden fencing, or a complete garden overhaul, we have solutions to modernise your space in a way that suits you.

Simplicity is Key

A main feature of contemporary gardens is their minimalist design. You will want to limit the number of colours, materials and features within your space to keep an air of simplicity and prevent overcrowding. For example, choose a few different plants which complement each other and choose a colour palette to use across the garden. Our landscaping and fencing contractors recommend painting garden fencing, outbuildings and other woodwork the same colour to create a continuous design.

White, grey and even black tend to work best in contemporary gardens. Our landscaping company in Horley offers garden paving in various colours to match your overall theme, including porcelain paving and flagstones. As a driveway company, we can even extend this into your front garden, creating a matching driveway, path and patio.

Add a Focal Point

Modern gardens often have a focal point around which the rest of the garden is centred. Focal points draw the eye and can be a conversation piece or central area for garden activities. Some popular options include firepits, water features and outdoor living areas.

Again, simple designs are ideal for contemporary gardens in Horley. Metal, glass and stone work effectively in modern gardens, as does plain furniture.

Keep it Neat

One thing you have probably noticed about contemporary gardens is that they always look neat, with sharp lines and clear designs. Of course, keeping gardens this way requires regular maintenance, so it is important to design a space which you will be able and willing to maintain. Luckily, when it comes to gardens, low maintenance and contemporary can go hand-in-hand.

Our landscaping company and driveway company can help you choose materials and features which require minimal care to keep them looking their best. This includes garden paving, artificial grass and durable garden fencing. If any of these elements are beginning to look worse for wear, you can call our landscaping and fencing contractors in Horley for replacement services. This will help maintain the put-together look of your garden.

Another aspect of neat garden design is defined lines. Clear-cut spaces help create that contemporary feel so many homeowners are after. Consider straight lines, such as square patios and beds, and keep plants pruned so they do not grow over and undefine such lines.

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