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Garden Paving
in Horsham, Crawley and West Sussex

Revitalise your outdoor space with affordable garden paving from the team at C3 Group Services. We know that every garden in Crawley, Horsham and West Sussex needs a different approach and can offer our services as part of a one-off patio job or full-scale garden design project. Our landscaping company assists with planning, design and budget management – bringing your outdoor ambitions to life at a competitive cost.

Speak to us for the following paving services:

  • A free, no-obligation quote
  • Creative advice and care
  • Groundworks and drainage
  • Patios, pathways and edging
  • Indian sandstone paving
  • Flagstone and natural stone
  • Limestone garden paving
  • Full supply and installation

All products come from prestigious brands like Marshalls and Paving Stone Direct. To give you a risk-free service, we honour manufacturer warranties and supply year-long guarantees for all paving slabs.

Our team works on driveways and patios throughout West Sussex. Please get in touch to discuss your domestic or commercial paving needs.

Garden Paving | Style and Strength at a Superb Price

Great for separating greenery from a seating or breakout area, paving provides a defined space where you, your family or staff can enjoy the great outdoors. Paving keeps your shoes clean after a rainy day, allows you to create a unique chill-out space, and lasts for a long time even in the UK's ever-changing weather conditions.

Performing the Groundwork

The success of your garden paving depends on the approach of a skilled landscaping company. At C3 Group Services, we prepare the ground by removing spoil, laying the hardcore or bedding, using reliable mortar mixes and applying the paving stones with exceptional care. We ensure the proper alignment for a firm, level surface, and design the space to allow for efficient drainage.

Quality Paving for Your Project

You can choose from the following options:

Indian Sandstone – Known for its high level of quartz for enduring strength and a textured finish, few materials are quite as sumptuous as Indian sandstone. It comes in a range of colours and patterns, so it complements any home or outdoor commercial space. It’s also extremely hardwearing, resisting foot traffic and water damage alike.

Natural Stone – Unlike concrete, which can wear away to expose the aggregate underneath, natural garden paving resists ice, frost and torrential rain. It can also be recycled if you choose to remove the slabs at a later date, making it ideal for landowners around Crawley, Horsham and the surrounding areas who care deeply for the environment.

Flagstones – With flagstone paving, you can expect a slip-resistant surface, endurance to heat and moisture, and a high density that makes it resistant to freeze-thaw cycles. It’s also relatively simple for a landscaping company to work with, enabling a quick installation process.

Limestone – Available in lighter colours and darker shades alike, limestone is one of the oldest materials still in use today. It’s great for patios in need of a scratch-free finish and holds out against cracks and discolouration.

Porcelain Paving – For a low-maintenance and versatile surface that looks great and has excellent resistance to the impact of frost and stains, consider porcelain paving. This is the perfect outdoor material, especially for patios, but it has a wide range of applications and works for driveway installations too.

To see how some of these options look when finished, please view examples of our previous work.

Call 07754 463 691 for garden paving from a reliable landscaping company in Crawley, Horsham and the neighbouring areas.