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Garden Fencing in HorshamGetting the Height of Your Fence Right

There are various factors which will affect the height of your new fence, such as location, regulations and personal preference. Getting the height right will ensure garden fencing works as intended and meets your requirements. It will also avoid issues with neighbours and the local authority. In this post, C3 Group Services discusses key points to consider when determining the height of your fence.

Based in Crawley, our company provides fencing and landscaping services across West Sussex and neighbouring areas, including Horsham and Horley. With vast industry experience, we help our customers find the right solutions for their homes while always complying with relevant local and national regulations.

Consider the Neighbours

A tall fence could impact your neighbour’s view and block light to their home and garden. Any fence can also have this affect if your land sits higher than your neighbour’s. We recommend talking to your neighbour, or neighbours, about your garden fencing plans so you can talk through any concerns and potential issues.

If you agree the height of the fence with the neighbours before installing it, you will stay on good terms and avoid complaints.


Generally, you will not need planning permission to erect or alter a fence in Crawley, Horsham, Horley and the surrounding areas. However, work must meet certain conditions, including height restrictions.

To not need planning permission, garden fencing must be no taller than 1m if next to a highway used by vehicles, or no more than 2m tall anywhere else. You also cannot increase the height of a fence if it already exceeds these limits.

Local councils may also have different rules about fencing, so it is important to check with your local authority before carrying out work. Your local council website should have more information.

Other Factors

The ideal height for your fence depends on what you want the fence for and your style preference. For example:

We also advise customers in the Horley, Horsham and Crawley areas to bear in mind that the taller the fence, the more vulnerable it will be to strong winds. Fence posts of a suitable height and installed to the correct depth will help secure your fence.

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