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Garden Fencing
in Horsham, Crawley and West Sussex From the Experienced Fencing Contractors

If your garden fencing features holes and wood rot, then it’s time to call in the talented fencing contractors. With over 15 years of experience and a detailed knowledge of the various types available, our team can replace any damaged boards and manage a complete installation process – with all products and workmanship fully guaranteed. We undertake a full supply-and-fitting service, performed with a customer-focused approach.

Situated in Crawley, our experts replace fences across Horsham and West Sussex. Be it a small domestic landscape, commercial environment or wide, country estate, you can expect an efficient service with all fences inspected for quality before installation.

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Quality Garden Fencing, Installed By the Professionals

Fencing remains the most popular way to mark the boundary between properties. Unfortunately, age and poor weather can take their toll, leaving you with a damaged fence that your neighbours fully expect you to take care of. New garden fencing prevents arguments, increases privacy levels and helps to keep intruders at bay. It also keeps your pets and children safely on the property, so they can’t wander onto a nearby road or garden.

Closeboard Fencing – Known for its strength and versatility, closeboard fencing serves as a simple yet elegant option for your landscape. It features solid timber rails and posts, giving you serious value for money when installed by trusted fencing contractors. Closeboard fences also suit traditional and more contemporary homes alike, and prove popular with pub gardens and commercial areas.

Picket Fencing – We all know of the typical homeowner’s dream of a ‘white picket fence’, but you can make that ambition a reality by speaking with us for picket garden fencing installation or replacements. This style allows light to flow through the environment and adds a timeless charm to any space in Crawley, Horsham or the surrounding areas.

Trellis Fencing – Often used for garden enclosures, trellis fences can zone your environment for relaxation, outdoor dining and vegetable growing. These garden fences create an airy atmosphere that feels less enclosed than what you may get from traditional closeboard or featheredge products and look especially stylish when coupled with climbing plants.

Panel Fencing – While closeboard fences overlap and attach to a horizontal rail, panel fencing clips onto wood or concrete posts. Our fencing contractors can replace an individual panel due to storm damage or an act of vandalism, ensuring it suits the look of the remaining boundary. We can replace as few or as many garden fencing panels as required.

Gates and Posts – At C3 Group Services, we offer a full service. This includes the installation of new posts and gates as well as the fencing panels themselves. We also repair damaged posts with cost-effective methods so that you can enjoy privacy and security in the longer term.

Known for providing a comprehensive range of landscaping services, we can include new fencing as a one-off job or as part of a more complex garden design project.


For garden fencing in Crawley, Horsham or the nearby regions, call 07754 463 691 and enjoy the care of our experienced fencing contractors.