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Fencing Contractors in CrawleyA Guide to Decorative Fencing

Your garden fence does not have to look boring to be functional. It also does not have to be overly practical if you want to put style above function. Decorative fencing adds a design feature and can be as useful as you need it to be. As fencing contractors with more than 15 years of experience, the team at C3 Group Services provides a range of fencing solutions for homeowners in Crawley, Horley, Horsham and the surrounding areas. Read on to find out more about decorative fencing.

Whether you are looking for perimeter fencing or fencing for inside your garden, a decorative style can be an effective choice. We hope the following will provide all the information you need, but please feel free to get in touch with our team for professional advice.

What is Decorative Fencing?

Decorative fencing is a broad term for garden fencing which steps away from standard and simple designs. Using different shapes, patterns and construction methods, decorative fencing is much more visually appealing and enhances the design of your garden or wider property. Traditional and modern styles are available to suit any home.

A decorative fence can be purely aesthetic or serve a useful purpose. As such, our fencing contractors can use decorative fencing to create stunning and unique boundaries, screening and area divisions. Certain styles also offer privacy and security for your home in the Crawley, Horley or Horsham area.

Popular decorative styles include picket, trellis, slatted and hit and miss fencing. Trellis top panels and curved fence panels are also common decorative options.

The Uses of Decorative Fencing

You can use decorative fencing in all areas of your garden and C3 Group Services can help you find the best solution for your needs. Some options include:

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