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Everything You Need to Know About Gravel Driveways

Gravel driveways are a popular and luxurious choice for homes in Crawley, Horsham, Horley and the surrounding areas. However, when choosing a material for your new driveway, it is vital to explore your options so you can pick the material which best suits your needs. To help with this, our driveway company has produced this guide.

We explain all the key features of gravel driveways to clear up any questions you have and to help you make an informed decision about your project. For tailored advice and services, do not hesitate to call C3 Group Services on 07754 463 691.


There are many types of gravel which are suitable for driveways. This includes different materials, sizes and colours. 14mm-20mm gravel is best for drives because anything smaller gets easily stuck in tyre treads and displaced. In addition, angular stones bed together better to form a smoother surface.

Our driveway company also advises choosing a hard-wearing stone, such as granite, flint or quartz chippings. Softer materials like marble and limestone are also effective for drives in the Crawley, Horsham and Horley areas but will wear down more quickly and will need topping up or replacing more regularly.

The range of colours available will allow you to choose a gravel which complements your home. You can choose a single colour or mixed colours, including whites, creams, greys and browns.


Gravel driveways require more maintenance than other options. Weeds can grow through gravel, so you will need to remove these, either by hand or with a suitable weed treatment. To minimise weed growth, our driveway company can incorporate a weed membrane under the gravel however, this will not completely stop weed growth.

Another issue with gravel is the fact that stones can move around. This means that you will have to replace or top-up the gravel periodically – generally every 1-2 years. Bear in mind this additional cost when choosing driveway materials.


If you are planning a driveway in Horsham, Crawley, Horley or surrounds, you have probably come across drainage regulations and sustainable drainage systems (SuDS). Regulations require new driveways of a certain size to have a suitable drainage system to help reduce the impact of flooding.

One of the benefits of gravel driveways is that they are permeable, meaning they allow rainwater to drain through to the ground. As such, your driveway company does not need to provide a drainage system and your project will not need planning permission.

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